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What Makes RHCs/FQHCs Different?
(1.5 CEUs ArchProCoding only)
Are you new to reporting your medical services as a Rural Health Clinic (RHC) and/or a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)?  Are you considering transitioning your traditional Part B office/outpatient clinic to become a RHC or FQHC?  This webinar provides an overview of the unique coding and billing issues faced when reporting RHC/FQHC services to Medicare, Medicaid, and various insurance payers.  We describe how different claim forms are used, how different billing codes are used, what items may "get paid" through the annual cost report, and how we can manage the billing complexities associated with being a RHC/FQHC.  
This class is especially valuable for new RHC/FQHC employees who may have extensive experience in billing fee-for-service, but are unfamiliar, or newly confused, with how differently we need to capture and report our services using the All-Inclusive Rate for RHCs and the Prospective Payment System for FQHCs.  As it is an overview, this course will help to highlight key CMS source documents for ongoing self-study as well as identifying areas where additional education is likely needed that goes beyond this course.  ArchProCoding is ready to help guide that educational journey!

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